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Coffee Shops in North Vancouver      indicates web site   indicates video
1 Angelina's Cafe  210-150 West Esplanade, North Vancouver 604 983 9094
2 Bean Around the World  156-123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver 604 987 1200
3 Bean Around the World  718-2601 Westview Drive, North Vancouver 604 987 7200
4 Beans on Lonsdale  1804 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 985 2326
5 Blenz Coffee  1457 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 986 2986
6 Brazza Gelato & Coffee  1846 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 904 2333
7 Cafe R Bistro  127 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver 604 980 2283
8 Citroen Coffee House  208 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 904 0617
9 Delany's Coffee House  3099 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604 985 3385
10 Honey's Doughnuts & Goodies  4373 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver 604 929 4988
11 Ivy Corner Cafe  116 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver 604 983 8628
12 JJ Bean House of Coffee  333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver 604 984 8630
13 Krazy Gene's Coffee Shop  160-2255 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver 604 929 0960
14 McBeans Coffee House  109-223 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver 604 990 1702
15 Perfect Strangers Cafe  105 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver 604 987 8633
16 Perkulater Cafe  156 East 14th Street, North Vancouver 604 984 9980
17 Perkulater Cafe  28-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604 984 9924
18 Roastmastir's  1902 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 986 3000
19 Shefield Gourmet  144B-1199 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver 604 983 3931
20 Starbucks Coffee Co. 1323 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 983 0976
21 Starbucks Coffee Co.  1701 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604 904 9480
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The North Shore has a great selection of coffee shops to visit. Try a good cup of dark roasted coffee or a  cappuccino in one the fine coffee shops listed on our site.

Many of the coffee shops now offer free wireless internet services so you can meet a client and discuss work online, do your studying while having a coffee and donut or just have fun cruising the internet and relaxing.

It's a great place to relax and try one of the following coffees..

Gourmet Coffee: One of the most popular types of coffee on the market today is Gourmet coffees. They are from the premiere coffee growing regions of the world such as Colombia, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Jamaica, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Organic Coffee: These coffee beans are custom roasted and certified Organic per USDA guidelines.

Flavored Coffee: They are blends of beans that are roasted to an American Roast or medium brown color which allows a rich, sweeter flavor to highlight the wonderful flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, raspberry, and various nut flavorings

Espresso coffee: is one of those types of coffee that's in a class by itself. In the United States it is normally roasted to an Espresso Roast finish, but some roasters offer darker versions such as Italian Roast as well

            Relax and enjoy a coffee in North Vancouver


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